The GRE's gate is down


Justis Mills would like to teach you how to be better at tests. He specializes in the GRE, LSAT, SAT, and ACT, in roughly that order. Math, verbal, whatever. This ain't his first rodeo.

Justis has taken the SAT and GRE. He got a perfect math score on the GRE and a perfect verbal score on the SAT. His other scores were pretty darn close to perfect, too. He's going to take the LSAT in September for fun, but he's gotten in the 99th percentile in the practice tests he's done. All this to say: he knows the tests. He knows the tests almost as well as he knows typing in third person, which is to say: intimately.

Teaching Experience

Justis was a tutor at Solution Skills from November of 2013 to December of 2015. He's tutored every subject of every test of the LSAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT. He's also tutored some for AP tests. He's done one-on-one tutoring and taught group classes, ranging from two students to two dozen. He also taught a for-credit writing class at New College of Florida, where he evaluated students and led a workshop. Before college, he volunteer tutored at a public library for a little while. Related (thought not exclusively because of teaching experience), he was awarded third place in the Career Technical category of Best and Brightest Tallahassee, during his senior year of high school. Now he works full time in the software development field, but sometimes will take on new students privately on request.

Test Prep Philosophy

Justis loves tests. But he understands that you probably don't. They're stressful. They influence not only admission into prestigious institutions, but also funding decisions. A good test score can be the difference between a decade of debt and no debt. It probably was the difference for Justis himself.

A lot of test prep tutors will advertise a 99th percentile score. With perfect scores in many of the subjects he teaches, Justis also meets this qualification. But he doesn't think it matters much. Test prep tutoring does not consist of sticking a straw between two brains and sucking facts out of one and into the other. Especially for aptitude tests like the SAT, test prep tutoring is a lot more about teaching general strategies and patterns of thought. Justis endeavors in his tutoring to teach the wrinkles of the test, the most commonly effective strategies, and the key points that will simplify difficult questions. On tests like the SAT and GRE, it's not about knowing everything. It's about knowing what the test can throw at you, and being armed well for the occasion.

Justis would like to arm you for the occasion. If you'd like to be so armed, you should send him an email at justis [dot] mills [at] ncf [dot] edu.

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